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"Level Up The Love"

In our community, Northside Minneapolis or nationwide, there is a violence that seemingly won't recede. From Gun violence, economic violence, education violence, domestic violence, etc.; any violent act that impacts the safety of another human. We all exist trapped in a vacuum waiting for it to effect us or the possibility of it doing so, in one form or another. The mass shootings, the inner city killings, the disparities in education, homelessness, the unjustified police killings of black men, etc. All violence. How do we mitigate the number of occurrences, the impact on our community? By increasing or "leveling "up our capacity to love another. Fighting for another. Seeing one another. We are at a point where the staus quo is not enough, it's outdated. The current times have shown us that. We no longer have an option but to channel our capacity to face off with roots of this violence. We have to "dare enough to care enough"...Level Up The Love...the community is waiting for you. 



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