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The Creator. The Artist.

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seangarrison "For The Love of Us: A Live Painting Experience" Minneapolis North High December 17, 2021

seangarrison (Sean G. Phillips) is a Minneapolis artist. He grew up in North Minneapolis (Class of '86, Minneapolis North High School grad). He feels those who assume the title of "artist" are obligated to utilize their talent gifted to them, for a higher purpose than simply for the sake of beauty, as there are many social ills and human conditions existing that art can illuminate and have an impact on.

He believes in the people of North Minneapolis.

Northside Love was born out of this artistic obligation and his "love" for the community. It is his way to inject more positive energy and life into it.

Through his mission. He is intent to "Level Up the Love" among the people who make the Northside vibrant and viable for a wholly peaceful existence.

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