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"Love in The Light" Community Vanguards

People who have utilized their talents to exhibit and epitomize love for the North Minneapolis. Click the website button to learn more about their missions to elevate the Northside community and support!
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seangarrison, class of '86, Minneapolis North High.








In the news 

Houston White
Jamil Jackson

Jamil Jackson is the founder of C.E.O, or Change Equals Opportunity. It was founded in 2008 to support "youth of color ranging in ages from 12‐25 with emphasis on exposure to College, Career, and Cultural experiences and opportunities."



Teto Wilson
 Nikki McComb

Nikki McComb is the Executive Director of Art is My Weapon. Art is My Weapon utilizes art and creativity to spark social change (click button above for more info. She is also an artist and behind the "Enough" campaign that combats gun violence.

A visionary, Houston White is the "black excellence" the ancestors saw in their future as they fought to see tomorrow. From "Black Excellence" to "The Get Down Coffeeshop" to his "Viictory" golf apparel line and everything in between, he is an example of what is possible when "grind equals the dream to shine". 

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